jason pooleJason Poole: Get Hip!

by Eyone Williams
April 2008

In 1997 Jason Poole was illegally sentenced to 22 years in federal prison for drug possession. For more than 10 years Poole vehemently fought to obtain his freedom by filing countless motions in court, attacking his sentence. In January of 2007 Poole got his sentence vacated and walked out of prison a free man. He never looked back. While in prison Poole did more than push-ups and study law books, he also became a bestselling author—his first novel, Larceny, made the Essence bestseller list while he was still known as a number: 20617-016.

Urban fiction readers loved Larceny because it was a real as it gets. Real people who’d been through real struggles could relate to Poole’s writing. Poole’s writing in Larceny was so genuine because the situations that the characters go through in the novel were situations that Poole faced during some of the more trying times in his life. “Larceny was written at a time when I had just found out that a childhood friend was the reason behind my arrest,” says Poole. “I wanted to show readers what happens when loyalty is given to the wrong people and how important a good woman is in a man’s life.”

One may ask how a man that’s serving a long prison term could even find the time or the positive energy to sit down and write a novel, but Poole’s answer to that is simple. “No matter what a man faces in life he has to always carry himself with dignity and never give up on tomorrow.” Poole found inspiration in other strong men that had been in his same situation. “I found myself reading inspirational stories of great men who led by example,” says Poole, “Men like Ruben ‘Hurricane’ Carter. His story gave me the inspiration and positive mindset to never give up and to follow my dreams.”

No man is an island and Poole always makes it clear that Vickie Stringer, CEO of Triple Crown Publications and his editor, Stephanie Hester, were major factors in his success. Not many people can say they became a bestselling author while federal prison. “Vickie looked out for me,” says Poole. “She was the first person to believe in my writing.”

Shortly after the publication of his first novel Poole teamed up with his comrade, Damon “Amin” Meadows and co-wrote—Convict’s Candy. “That novel was important because the information needed to be out there,” says Poole, speaking about the groundbreaking novel that deals with HIV awareness and the spread of the virus throughout the prison system.

Poole discovered his talent in 2003 and has written nine novels to date. “I have an arsenal of hit novels on subjects and written in styles no other authors have touched on,” asserts Poole. That brings us to the next big thing in urban fiction: Victoria’s Secret, published by The Cartel Publications. “Great minds think alike so I hooked up with my victoria secrethomegirl, T.Styles, for this new joint, Victoria’s Secrets; we’re about to do some big things,” says Poole. A visit to Amazon.com will reveal how anticipated Victoria’s Secret is. Respected authors and publishers of urban fiction are already giving Victoria’s Secret the thumbs up. “ . . . Jason Poole has done it again with another classic!” says Wahida Clark, Essence magazine bestselling author of Every Thug Needs A Lady. “Jason Poole is taking the game to another level with this new book,” confirms Aisha Bailey, President of Fast Lane Publications. Bottom line, Victoria’s Secret is a realistic look at today’s new age pimping. Its smooth writing and vivid storytelling takes readers to the movies. Don’t take it for granted though, see for yourself at: www.thecartelpublications.com.

Books are only the tip of the iceberg for Poole, he has started Never Give Up Productions and has put out a DVD about his grind and come-up in the publishing business. He’s proving to be a marketing genus: Poole has been giving the DVD away at signings to promote himself, his books, and future projects. It’s all a part of the big picture for Poole and his next move. “I’m digging into the movie business now,” says Poole. “Film is something I’m very passionate about. I plan to make a movie to every novel I write.”

If you weren’t hip to Jason Poole, now you are!

Eyone Williams is the author of Fast Lane and Hell Razor Honeys; you may visit: myspace.com/eyone30 for more information.

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