Spot Rushing with
Brandon McCalla

by Kaven L. Brown
July 2007

Wait a minute now, before you set out on your next book signing, double check to make sure you've got all the necessary accessories: pens, entourage, bottled water and a point man on the lookout for your favorite neighborhood writer/author Brandon McCalla. Then triple check, making sure your book covers are of a first-rate design and have topnotch concepts. This past weekend Brandon McCalla was on yet another book cover warpath, Spot Rushing! We all know what a Spot Rusher is, don't we? Those that run up in spots and rob others of their goods. The same as running up on a book vendor…

Standing next to a local book vendor on 34th street in Manhattan, New York; passersby and fans alike stood in shock with amazement and laughter. As they watched Brandon break down each and every book in arms length. Reaching and picking up books, flipping through pages, reading and quoting content. Evaluating book covers and jackets of all sorts, dissecting and scanning with a fine-tooth comb. Those that were not fortunate enough to have the better designs got wasted; straight up and down, with not an ounce of remorse.

The Urban Book Source was of course in attendance and captured every moment of it. In a brief statement, Director of Film and Video production at UBS, Ian Miller, said, "Much of the footage will have to be heavily edited and/or censored. We have a tremendous Internet following through our website and don't want to offend any of our authors or readers." In another statement, a reader stated, "To be honest, Brandon is just hitting it right on the nose. I mean some of these book covers are really horrible. Just look at them."Brandon McCalla

In other business, Brandon McCalla is the author of Diamond Drought and Diamond Dynasty of the Diamond series, published by Writer and Poets—the same writer who introduced you to his Literary Hood Blog Column, that generated over 2,000 viewers daily, before it was discontinued—has his latest installment, a highly anticipated and long over due novella entitled Spot Rushers. Which is filled with drama and thrills. The novella chronicles the Fatal Four—four females who seduce and shamelessly rob drug dealers. When a robbery goes wrong, one of the four is murdered; their lives are drastically changed. Three of the remaining women are obligated to other ways of living. Brandon says, "I never write the same book twice." He's always looking to generate something refreshing and innovative. "I'm a writer not an author. A writer is a privilege, an author is a pretty little title that is given to you."

Spot Rushers will be available in bookstores nation wide, published by Augustus Publishing, Inc.

Brandon evaluates and reviews more book covers:

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Kaven Brown is a contributing editor for The Urban Book Source, writer and the producer of the Behind Those Books Documentary.

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Charlottelouise :
Posted 857 days ago
I'm not interested in<a href=""> fooabtll</a> No biggy. I liked his method and technique, some really nice shots later on in the film as well, although early on the view switched a little too much for my taste. Another thing I noticed and liked a lot was the fact that she was actually into it, not just outputting some fake ass moans.. That sort of thing is really agitating. Just sucks this guy isn't a little younger, youth is wasted on the young as they say.. lol
Mustafa :
Posted 858 days ago
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Shannon :
Posted 3374 days ago
His own covers are horrible so how can he talk about someone else's. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
Monique :
Posted 3506 days ago
It amazes me how he neglects to speak of his own book covers. Spot Rushers cover is the best one actually. The Diamond Series covers leave much to be desired. Oh, I mean the two books that have the word "diamond" in the title...he never released the rest of the series...
Street Lit Author :
Posted 3515 days ago
Personally I think he's a hatin' azz nigga! Who's trying to gain some spotlight for his own whack azz book, by shootin' down others!!! I cram to understand why hatin' is acceptable now!!!
Mia Teason :
Posted 3566 days ago
Brandon you are horrible, I love you! We met at the Queens book fair in 05!



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