Al-Saadiq Banks:
The True Gangsta Writer

by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti
December 2008

Al-Saadiq Banks has been in the game since the jump. This Newark, New Jersey native writes the real. There ain't no faking in his pen game. Dudes from his city know what's up and how he gets down. The streets have always been a part of his life and his novels show that. He is a certified Original Gangster of the urban fiction genre and he has done it all independently, with True 2 Life Books. He did this interview for Urban Book Source, but he sent it out with a nod toward his core readership, all the dudes in prison across the nation. Nowadays not only is Al-Saadiq a bestselling novelist but he works as a motivational speaker as well. His hopes are not only to deter the youth from a similar life of crime, which he writes about, but to inspire adults who are living the same life to make a change. Through his writing he hopes to help them understand that there is hope and they can make something of themselves through hard work and determination. Al-Saadiq holds himself up as an example.

But let him tell it.

How did you start writing and why?
Actually writing is something that I just tried, never to publish or sell. I only wrote the first book to see if I could. While writing, I feltas if I was slowly exhaling. For once in my life I felt relieved of the pressure that I lived most of my life dealing with. After allowing friends and family to read it, they encouraged me to put some paper behind the project to see how far it could go. They believed in me more than I did. I've now vented through seven books and an anthology. Trust me, I still got more venting to do.

What books do you have out and when did they come out?
I have No Exit, which dropped May of 2003; Block Party 1, which dropped December of 2003; Sincerely Yours, June 2004; Caught ‘Em Slippin’, March of 2005; Block Party 2, January of 2006; Block Party 3, October 2007; and now I have Strapped coming soon.

Describe your books and your writing style?
The name of my company is True 2 Life. It's self explanatory. I call my style of writing Urban Faction. I write about events that not only take place in my hood but hoods all across the globe as well.

What publishers have you worked with?
One thing about me is I keep a small, tight circle and always have. Ain't nothing changed, True 2 Life Forever!

What authors do you admire and what books have you read lately?
Admire? (laughs) Hey, what you think about them Yankees? (laughs) Syke, nah, much respect to anybody out there who is going for theirs.

What do you think of the street lit genre?
When I stepped into the book game back in 2002, there were about five to seven books of that genre in circulation. Today there are hundreds. With the increase I thought the game would become oversaturated. Maybe it has, but still there's room for everyone to eat. This is a multimillion dollar business, but publishers, distributors and vendors need to respect it as that. I was here back when the money was plentiful and I'm still here when the money has decreased drastically. The decrease has nothing to do with the genre itself, but it has all to do with the people who control the game. As long as they continue to look at this industry as a game or a hustle, it will remain just that. I've seen them come and I've seen them go. I thank God to still be here over six years later.

How would you define the success of the Block Party series?
The success of the Block Party series blew my mind. I wrote part 1 with the thought that it was complete but my readers kept asking for more and more. I truly thank them for the support.

Why did you decide to do it yourself with True 2 Life?
Because I'm a boss, always been boss. I wouldn't have it any either way. No disrespect to my dudes behind the wall in a compromising position. I understand the struggle of trying to get a book out there and your reasoning for signing with publishers.

Dudes say you were getting it, how did you transform from the streets to the book game?
From crack to smack to paperback, it's all hustling. It's the same game, just legal. If you're a true hustler drugs aren't your only claim to fame. You should be able to sell shoestrings if you have to and still turn it up. If you use the same tactics, determination and dedication, you can soar in whatever field that you choose.

What's next for you?
Well my next move is taking my catalog to the next level. I'm currently in school for screenwriting. I'm going to take each book, one by one, to the screen. Be on the look out for True 2 Life Films.

Any advice to aspiring authors?
The most important advice that I can give is to my brothers and sisters behind the wall. Be careful who you sign with. It's a game to some of these publishers. They're on a hunt and you are their prey. They're capitalizing off of your situation. Don't let your desperation in wanting to get your book out there be the cause of your demise. True story, the majority of these independent publishers can barely move their own books, so how are they going to be able to move yours? They're just praying that your joint can carry their company and take them platinum. Watch out for the Jux!

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Seth Ferranti is a contributing writer for The Urban Book Source and accomplished journalist having written articles for Don Diva, Slam, King, Feds and many more. View more of his articles at:

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moxberg :
Posted 1787 days ago
all them book official that he has made read almost all of them doing a bid shits held me down trading them shits for soups and coffee packs all through out gang unit and then the camps good work my g
Tricky :
Posted 2135 days ago
The urban lit. Industry has definitely become oversaturated & with b/s wanna be authors.... I read so much b/s that it had become a task for me to attempt to entertain myself with urban lit. Until a comrade convinced me to read caught em slipping... After reading the first 20 pages I knew I had found a author of urban lit. That I could count on to keep it 100!!! Having once lived that life, I can recognize one that writes from experience vs. One that writes from hearsay.... For example, imagine reading a shoot out scene where there were many victims, absent police arriving. Get da phuck outta here!!! How bout buildings being blown up by remote control as the bad guy escapes in a .... You feel me! 5 stars to al sadiq Banks!
kareem from south 10th street :
Posted 2193 days ago
whats good homey well its your boy kareem from the hood 10th street & 12th avenue yo when i read your book its like living that life all over again. i know i been there i liv that i seen them come an go peace to the game. mad love for all my homey who maid it in the hood and the ones that fell you would not be for gotten you got my word on that al-saadiq keep ur head up one love to you my brother
pxkmwqcrja :
Posted 2299 days ago
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jnttild :
Posted 2301 days ago
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hkjdqihdyk :
Posted 2301 days ago
rIdWXq <a href="">ndmtg sparkkt</a>
Mert :
Posted 2302 days ago
I have been reading some of the Urban Christian books over the past few mnthos. started off by reading Vanessa Miller's Rain series, and then the Storm series and I am getting ready to order the others she has published. I have past both series around in my office at work and everyone was hooked. I really enjoyed the books. I too am from Dayton, Ohio so reading some of the streets and scenes made me feel like I was back home. Vanessa's books are so easy to read and keep you interested. I also have read all of Sherri Lewis books I started with the List and am passing those around my office now. Sherri's books are an easy interesting read as well. I hope to see something new from her soon. I am excited about reading more from Vanessa Miller and sure I will be able to find another author out of the many listed from the UC Glory list. These books have renewed my interests in reading. Is there any chance some of the books will be released on audio? Thanks to Vanessa Miller and Sherri Lewis keep your ministry going through your writing.
Meek :
Posted 2369 days ago
Ur story "walk with me" in menace 2 society was totally stupid Al-Saadiq!!!
Sugara63a58 :
Posted 3262 days ago
Yes! I must agree with Amareeh I too am a fan of Al-Saadiq Banks work. Mr. Banks if by some chance you read these comments please respond bcuz I have a bone to pick with you concerning Block Party 3.
Posted 3580 days ago
Posted 3580 days ago
As an author of several novels. I have heard about this guy since I stepped on the scene of urban fiction. I don't need to read his books, cause real recognize real. I feel homie is the truth. Stay strong & I hope your films come true my brother. peace & blessing on to you...
Bringing Them Out :
Posted 3587 days ago
Yo this dude is a egotistical fanatic! He's loose man! Now lets keep it really real!



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