Dashawn Taylor-The Ultimate Hustler
Urban Book Source
December 2006

Dashawn Taylor-the Ultimate HustlerDashawn Taylor is the essence of the “Ultimate Hustler.” From books and magazines, to hip-hop shows and reality television, Dashawn has his hand in it all. Ignoring his odds, Mr. Taylor started on his dreams at a young age. At an age when most teens are more concerned with the present, Dashawn founded his first company, a small record label and entertainment management company. With this first taste of business Dashawn was on his way to a plethora of success. Read on to find out more about Dashawn and the power moves he has taken to garner his accomplishments.

UBS: What has life been like after the Ultimate Hustler?
Life has been amazing since the show. I was busy before I got on BET but I could never imagine that I would be this busy. I think the biggest surprise for me was that I am traveling a lot more now. I stay on the road. Been taking my victory lap across the country and I’m still not done. I never imagined that people would still be recognizing me in the streets and in the clubs like they do. So I am definitely taking advantage of my new found fame. It’s funny to meet people in the strangest places and they pick me out of a crowd like “hey aren’t you that guy from the Damon Dash show.” I just gotta laugh because although I’m not your typical A-List celebrity, I still get love like I starred in 80 movies. So I’m loving it. You guys will see a lot more of me in the ’07 though. Trust me.

UBS: It seems as if you were on your grind before you were on the show, if you were then what were you exactly into at the time?
Man, what “wasn’t” I into? I was always into hip-hop. Trust me. Since I was 13. I started a record label before I turned 15. I had an entertainment company that toured New Jersey putting on positive plays for the community. I had a music and sound company. And of course I started Real-Hiphop.com (shout out to my partner Kyle “New” Newsome). So I have been out there getting it in for a long time before BET came knocking. But overall, I have to say that Real-Hiphop was my most successful venture. And now that people recognize my hustle it definitely helps business tremendously.

UBS: Was it always an idea of yours to write a book?
Yes. No matter what happened in my life a book was always going to be the end result. But the Ultimate Hustler Show just accelerated things. I came up with the “Power Moves” idea a few years before the show. I was watching Making of the Band {shout out to Ness, Babs, Chopper, Fred, Sarah and Dylan} and I was like “damn, if I was those cats I would just write a book about my experiences.” So from that day I vowed to write a book if I ever got on a Reality Show. And as fate would have it, it happened. Now don’t get me wrong, Damon Dash is no P.Diddy but the experience was definitely crazy.

UBS: What is your number one Hustle?
Right now my number one Hustle is the publishing company. I started the company just to publish my first book and something very crazy happened right after it came out. When people started to see the success of the book I started getting crazy manuscripts in the mail. People wanted me to publish their book also. So my company is growing at a crazy rate right now. I can’t believe it. In 2007 you guys will see a lot of books come out under my brand.

For more information, log on to www.theurbanbookclub.com or www.dashawntaylor.com. It is going to be a crazy year for us.

UBS: The title of your book is Power Moves, why the name for the title? What exactly is a Power Move for those of us that don’t know?
Well, the working title for the book was “Hustle Hard”. Although I really liked the title, I couldn’t use it. I didn’t want to steer people away from what the full purpose of the book. I wanted people to know where I came from and where I am today. “FROM POVERTY TO POWER MOVES” describes my journey. I needed the book to be a ride of some sort. Because in my opinion, LIFE is not a “noun”. It is not a thing. LIFE is a “verb”. It is a continuous movement. And to me, the biggest POWER MOVE is taking control of your mind. It sounds complicated and almost spiritual. But nothing during life is going to be easy. The success that we all attain in life is due to the amount of control we have over our own minds. And controlling our own minds will allow us to grow and learn so that we can do bigger things in life.

UBS: What is Real-Hip-Hop.com all about? How long has it been up and running?
sReal-hiphop.com is an online hip-hop magazine. We started the site back in May of 2000. We provide hip-hop fans across the world with the latest news, music, interviews, unsigned talent and in-dept editorials. We have reached over 16 million unique users over the last 4 years. We launched a print magazine of the website back in 2004 and we are looking forward to re-launching in the near future. For more information on the project you can check out www.real-hiphop.com.

UBS: Do you have any upcoming projects? If so, what are they?
Yes. I have a number of projects on the horizon. Of course I’m looking to publish new books in the future. I have the sequel to Power Moves releasing in September of 2007. I have 2 novels in the works and they will be released sometime before the 4th quarter next year. Also, I’m working on two new reality shows and we are looking for the right production company to go with. I started a print company a few years back and looking to increase our sales this year. I’m also planning a huge educational tour this year along with an Author’s Cruise in June. I got a few other things that are in the infancy stage right now but please log on to www.dashawntaylor.com and stay posted on everything I got going on.

UBS: Lastly, what do you think of the urban fiction publishing trend? Where do you see it say 5-7 years down the line?
I just celebrated my first full year in this publishing game. Because I am so young in the game I can’t thoroughly scrutinize the industry. But I can say that I am very excited about seeing so many authors, publishers and printers taking the industry to new heights. There is a huge misconception that people in the urban community don’t read. That is so far from the truth. The industry is exploding and there are hundreds of books being release every month now. Unfortunately I think the urban fiction game will eventually become what the Hip-Hop game is now; oversaturated and watered down. But all in all I wish all the players luck in this game.

To the staff of The Urban Book Source, thank you for your continued support and I wish you the best of luck in the years to come.

Dashawn Taylor The Ultimate Hustler

For more information on Dashawn Taylor, visit: www.dashawntaylor.com

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hey deshawn yeah you see it..
and i see that you are an amazing motivational speaker.. i enjoy your work and beleieve it or not my sons have read your book and because of it they are moving to on to bigger and better things
love ya



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