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February 2006

Joylynn Jossel

Fans of Joylynn Jossel have all been taken on her tour of love, deceit, revenge, and spiritual journeys through the lives of her close-to-home characters. Joylynn a poet, novelist, businesswoman, entrepreneur and dancer, is the multi dimensional embodiment, of what every artist hopes to become.

With her sixth novel, When Souls Mate scheduled to hit stores later this month, and several childrenís books on slate for release by Just Us Books, and a budding publishing company, End of the Rainbow, Joy is well on her road to triumph. Currently working on her next two novels Thicker Than Water, and Behind Every Bad Boy, Joy took time out to be interviewed by Urban Book Source. Read on to gain a little insight into the thoughts and views of best selling author Joylynn Jossel.

UBS: When did you know you had to be a writer?
Iíve always enjoyed writing. In school I loved English Literature. I wasnít one of the students who let out a sigh when the teacher gave us assigned reading. I loved so much allowing my imagination to flow through the pen. Because I wrote so often, I always considered myself a writer, but I knew I had to be a published writer when I started to share my work with different people and they enjoyed it. I figured if they enjoyed it and were touched by it, there were probably plenty more people who I could reach out to with my work as well. Then it became both a passion and an obsession to make writing my career.

UBS: Why did you name your publishing company End of the Rainbow?
The name End of the Rainbow derived from my companyís affirmation which asks: "How long will we continue to wait at the end of the rainbow before realizing that we, in fact, are the pot of gold?" In forming my company and publishing my own works I discovered that my God given talent was, in fact, my pot of gold. I simply had to unearth it and put it to use.

UBS: When did you first start writing? How do you keep your writing fresh?
My writings go back to the days of elementary school journals and rainy day writings. I always embellished things as a child, or like my grandmother would say, added yeast to it. I keep it fresh by keeping it honest and real. I write what flows through my spirit. I write what I, or someone close to me is or may have experienced. It reads realistic because it is real, again I embellish or add yeast, but the storylines are always based on possible incidents in my life or others. I always make sure that I put a little of myself into each character I create. Whether itís something Iíve done, something Iíve said or something thatís happened to me, I find a place for it in my work

UBS: What is your inspiration to continue to do what you do?
Before my inspiration to write was because it was something I wanted so much. I was able to do what ever I wanted to do with my pen. I had control over that, but now God is my inspiration. I have a couple more contracts I have to complete in which the genre of the stories are either urban street or erotica. But because my walk in life has changed, so has the things that flow through my spirit, which means so has my writing. Lately I found, as I started new projects, that the issues were all related to a characterís walk with God. So before I knew it, I found myself writing into the Christian Fiction genre. Now I just hope that the following of readers I have been so blessed to have earned will take this spiritual journey with me.

UBS: You are writing a Sex in the City inspired column, ďHe Said, She SaidĒ. Can you tell us about it?
Basically, the column is to explore the sexual habits and different opinions of both the male and the female on the exact same topic. Itís purpose is not to be erotic or descriptive, but to allow the brothas and the sistahs to know what the otherís views are on certain subject matters.

UBS: What do you think of the urban fiction trend as of right now?
Right now, in all honesty, Iím starting to see the same story with a different cover. So many authors wanted to just jump on the bandwagon versus create original stories with substance. But I wholeheartedly believe that those who truly take pride in the craft will remain and continue to pursue successful careers once the dust has settled.

UBS: What is the difference between Joylynn Jossel and Joy?
Joylynn M. Jossel books tend to be adult urban contemporary while my JOY books are street/Hip-Hop fiction. I did this not to hide behind a name or trick readers, but so that readers would know which of my writing styles they were getting based on the name on the cover.

UBS: Do you get writerís block? If so, how do you get over it?
I tend not to get writerís block when I play out the entire story in my head even before I think about penning my story. I create it from beginning to end in my head. I think it out thoroughly, and sometimes tell it to my PR on our way to book signings when Iím on tour. This helps a great deal and I know a lot of other authors who write this way as well.

UBS: Who are your favorite authors, if any? Please list a few for us.
Some of my favorite authors are Bebe Moore Campbell, Nikki Turner, Nancey Flowers and up and coming author, Dakota Knight.

UBS: You are a multi dimensional writer, if not one of the best, how are you able to touch on so many different issues in your stories?
I hate to say it, but sometimes I have so many issues going on in my own life, that I feel like I have split personalities. My moods swing like a gal at a square dance-LOL. What I do is take my issues and spread them out among my characters, like I mentioned earlier. So in a sense, I guess writing is a form of relief and therapy for me. It enables me to say some of the things and do some of the things I wish I had said and done in my own situation. But there is always someone out there going through the same things Iíve gone through and if they can pick up anything in my work that will help guide them in what to do and what not to do, then my efforts are not in vain.

UBS: Besides writing, is there anything else that you enjoy or do in your spare time?
Reading...go figure. I recently took on the position as Executive Editor with Urban Christian and I also do some literary consulting, which includes editing, ghost writing, one-on-one self-publishing consultations, etc...So, when Iím not writing my own projects, Iím indulging in otherís work. But when Iím not doing anything literary related at all, Iím typically dedicating any free time to my dance ministry.

Joylynn Jossel is the author of When Souls Mate, Thicker than Water, and Behind Every Bad Boy.For more information on Joylynn Jossel, visit:

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