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January 2006

Meisha HolmesMeisha Holmes, no relation to Shannon Holmes, was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York where she still resides and works as a literacy specialist. As a dancer in her younger years, she had the opportunity to tour the world with the likes of Queen Latifah, Salt-n-Pepa, among many rap artists, and uses her experience with cultures abroad in her novels. Presently, Meisha is hard at work on the third novel in her Brooklyn Exchange Series.

UBS: Meisha Holmes, are you related to Shannon Holmes?
Actually Shannon is my third cousin removed on my god sisterís second baby fatherís side. Seriously, we are not related. But the way we met was funny. I was hustling books in Harlem on 125th street. I approached Shannon, not knowing he was an author, asking him to show some support. He looked at the cover of Brooklyn Jewelry Exchange and said, ďMeisha Holmes? Where are you from? What kind of last name is that?Ē Being the Brooklynite that I am, I became defensive and replied, ďWhat's wrong with my last name.Ē He smiled, stated who he was and we became cool after that.

UBS: In our previous communication through email, you stated you suffer from ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). Does this affect your writing? Weíre only joking! How long does it generally take you to complete a novel? Or rather how long did it take you to complete your novel Brooklyn Jewelry Exchange?
Thatís HADD Hyperactive Attention Deficit Disorder donít get it twisted (smiles). It took me one year to complete the novel. Generally it takes me about 4 to 5 months, but I really out did my self with Brooklyn Jewelry Exchange, or at least thatís what the word on the street is!

UBS: How do you feel about being nominated for one of the top 20 most attractive urban authors of 2006, by Urban Book Source?
It feels great. It would feel really, really great if I was winning, but all in all I am flattered.

UBS: Do you suffer from Writerís Block? How do you overcome it?
Yes I do, but not often. If and when it occurs I usually step away from my computer for a matter of days and then come back to what I was working on. Either that or I work on something else.

UBS: Tell us about your novel Brooklyn Jewelry Exchange.
My novel takes you into the lives of four different sets of characters: meet Rock Candy, I ainít saying she's a gold digger but she ainít fu---ní with no broke broke ni--a, Tony and Kahmelle, both down with Brooklynís most notorious gang, Brooklyn's Finest, Malik and Susan who both work at the same law firm, he's the handsome mail room clerk and she's the white attorney and wife to the owner of Brooklyn Jewelry Exchange are having an affair and Joann Nunez, the lesbian cop who likes turning out straight girls. All of these characters are linked through Brooklyn Jewelry Exchange. They donít know each other at the novelís start but by its end all of their lives collide in an interesting twist. It is very risky on the sexual tip, most people label it erotica, but I beg to differ. I have been told on several occasions that the book puts you in the mind set of the movie Crash. I take you from the thorough borough of Brooklyn to the beautiful beaches of Negril, Jamiaca to Cozumel, Mexico and Las Vegas, Nevada and you donít even have to pack a bag all you have to do is read the book.

Check out if you would like to find out more about the book.

UBS: How do you feel about the urban fiction trend and what is your input on it?
I think there is enough room in this book game for everyone with talent. Unfortunately everyone with or without talent are putting books out there and thatís when it becomes frustrating. Books that are poorly written give the urban fiction genre a bad name.

UBS: Who are you published by? Or are you self-published?
I am self published. The name of my company is My Lyricís House Press. Check out my website if you would like to find out more about my publishing company.

UBS: Do you have any advice you'd like to give to an upcoming author?
Itís a struggle so don't become discouraged. Strive to write your best and master your craft. I acquired a Bachelor of Fine arts in Creative writing with a focus on writing fiction. After I completed my degree, with honors if I may add, I realized that I learned very little about me and my writing style. I had the tools and knew how to write with out my degree. So if you got it (talent that is) you got it, never be discouraged.

UBS: As a self-published author, how hard is it to get your book into the eye of the public?
It is very hard. At the end of the day I am an author. Honestly, I am not much of a business woman and that along with being a small publisher hurts my sales. The bigger chain stores don't give most small publishers the time of the day. That goes hand in hand with getting reviews from popular periodicals and magazines. When I mail promotional items and books to these people they are like My Lyricís House who? The bigger publishers have access to the above mentioned things and that is one of the down sides to being a self published author. Now if I had the business jargon and contacts in the business field perhaps it would offset the fact that I am a small publisher. None the less it is a learning process, and trust I am learning quickly.

UBS: Are there any authors you admire, if any? Or enjoy reading?
I admire Donald Goines and Dean Koontz they are two of the most descriptive writers to date. I think some of our more contemporary writers lack description. Along with the above writers I enjoy the writing styles of Caroline McGill, A Dollar outta Fifteen Cents, Crystal Perkins-Stell, Hood Rich and Isadore Johnson, Drug Dealer. Unfortunately, writing takes up a lot of my spare time and I don't get to read as much as I would like to.

UBS: What drives you, or gives you inspiration to write?
My eight year old daughter, Kayla Lyric is my inspiration. She is so proud of her mommy's writing career that I know I have to excel. If I model success, she will claim it once her time comes.

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Super CM :
Posted 3077 days ago
dont let the haterz discourage your writing talent, i bought the book from you personally at a booth in De in 05, read a few pages then got sidetracked by life, just started pickin it up again, now im kickin my self, shoulda been readin this 5yrs ago, your talent for descriptive narrative is uncanny. you have a knack for illustrating sexually intense situations by allowing our own imaginations to portray what "few" may deam graphic, relative & realistic. you write what i think but might be too embarrassed to say. love your way with words and no doubt recommend Bk J E to everybody. peace love keep writing.
Sonnie :
Posted 3079 days ago
You used such vulgar launguage and graffic sex acts. It's no wonder why kids today act the way they do. I was appaled to learn you were a teacher at my childs school.
Posted 3481 days ago
I went to school with this woman so she is very determined as I used to admire her for her dancing ability back in the 80's. Its funny how life turns out, but nevertheless dont allow anyone to hinder your progress. We need to connect forreal...Congrats on ur novel and the others in your head...
kerise :
Posted 3648 days ago
ms holmes i read your book it was so good. it was great. how about another one. you said u were going to continue the story so im waiting
jennifer :
Posted 3907 days ago
ms.holmes ii will take ur edvice and i love that you like what u do and i hope u write another book so this time i can read it. just make sure that it is for my age group please???????????????????????? thank you



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