Terrell C. Wright:
The Life and Times of a Rollin' 20's
Neighborhood Blood Member

by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti
April 2008

Terrell C. Wright a.k.a. Loko is a gang banger straight out of Los Angeles, California. This Rollin' 20's Neighborhood Bloods member is from the old school. He was doing his thing back in the eighties and has spent long stretches of his life in the violent California prison system for the lifestyle he lived. From the streets to the penitentiary, he has reached out to the world with his chronicles of the blood culture which he has written and gotten published despite his incarceration.

Home of the Body Bags was his first book on Senegal Press and now part two of his blood saga, 2 Love and Die in LA is out. This true to life tale weaves elements of the LA gang banging phenomenon with Loko's life in the streets which intertwine to give a comprehensive and entertaining account of Loko's set and the blood nation as a whole. Loko provides a look into the world of violent LA gang bangers with driveby's, youngsters going on missions and dudes holding it down for the set. The book is sure to shock and awe. Check out what Loko has to say here in this exclusive, straight from prison,brought to you live by Soul Man and The Urban Book Source.

T.U.B.S.: What is your book 2 Live and Die in L.A. about?
Terrell: My latest book is basically a sequel to my debut gangsta book (Home of the Body Bags) and it covers aspects of banging life, that I didn’t expound in Body Bags. So essentially, it picks up on some unadulterated drama in which I didn’t break off in Body Bags.

T.U.B.S.: Why did you first start writing?
Terrell: I’ve been writing for a long while now. Some 18 years to be exact. I just never took out the appropriate time to push my work out to the public. But now that I have, that’s a wrap. Like I said I’m in this for the long haul. And just like my three autobiographies were explosive, you can bet your last hot dollar, that my fiction line-up will be a hot commodity. I’m a go-getter, so you can only imagine the explicit, unadulterated street drama I have tucked in-between the pages of my fiction books: Deadly Consequences and T.H.U.G.S. (The Hustlers Ultimate Goal is Success).

T.U.B.S.: What does your family think of the books?
Terrell: My mother (may her soul rest in peace) loved my accomplishments. She was proud of me and always I watched her motherly gaze when ever I saw her, giving me her approval letting me know that she was happy for me.

T.U.B.S.: How did you get your book deal?
Terrell: I got my first book deal on a straight hum-bug. My publisher had come to the L.A. County jail to do interviews of Black Gangsters, and I was chosen by the gang unit there. Well, before I could officially conduct my interview with Elke Senegal, I was locked away inside the L.A. County for operating a large drug enterprise. I had a deputy bringing me in pounds of marijuana, crack, meth and tobacco. So eventually, I was shipped off to prison with my fresh time the courts had just given me. And it was while there at Delano State Prison, that I conducted my interviews with Dr. Elke Senegal of SenegalPress.com. And those simple interviews, about my life and my philosophical outlook on things like Rap to Gang Banging, I soon scored on my first book deal. And my publisher was so taken by my debut book Body Bags, that I easily cinched a second book deal with her. And through her publishing my works, the publicity came. Thus my third contract from Alex Alonso of StreetGangs.com. Now I’m on a roll. I’ve done many interviews and I’m trying to put the west on the map in this literary business, trust that.

T.U.B.S.: What do you think of the whole publishing process and book game?
Terrell: It’s a new type of hustle for those of us who come off the block, grinding the illegal deeds that we were into. But I like it. The experience is new, it’s teaching me patience. Same game, just another stroke of getting paid on a wide variety of means to getting paid.

T.U.B.S.: What do you think of all the prisoners writing books?
Terrell: Now that’s the business right there. I like seeing the incarcerated use their talents that they have. It’s better then selling drugs in jail and getting into trouble. Eventually the illegal activities run it’s course, so why not make an investment into self, with some longevity attached to it, especially if you’re a true go-getter. I  support all go-getter’s who are using their mentals to find that niche in life that you enjoy doing. Especially the unique circle of incarcerated authors.

T.U.B.S.: What other authors do you enjoy reading?
Terrell: First off, I’m a serious reader, so off the top I have to mention writers like Robert Greene, who wrote 33 Strategies of War, Art of Seduction and 48 Laws of Power. I read the line by Niccolo Machiavelli, who wrote The Discoures, The Prince and his own version of Art of War. I also enjoy reading books by: Dean Koontz, Mario Puzo, Zane, Nikki Turner, Vicki Stringer, Wahida Clark and K’wan just to name a few.

T.U.B.S.: What books have you read lately?
Terrell: Presently, I’m reading “Forever a Hustlers Wife” by Nikki Turner. It’s an enjoyable read. And right prior to this one, I read Thug Matrimony by Wahida Clark. Now that was something hot. I enjoyed it much.

T.U.B.S.: What do your homies think of the books?
Terrell: I have a lot of respect from my homies, the Rollin’ 20’s Neighborhood Bloods. I mean there are those who may grumble underneath their breath, but for the most part, I’ve gotten nothing but love and respect from the blocks I stomped through.

Seth Ferranti is a contributing writer for The Urban Book Source and accomplished journalist having written articles for Don Diva, Slam, King, Feds and many more. View more of his articles at: www.gorillaconvict.com

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OYG HoodKusher :
Posted 665 days ago
West up or vest up free the big homie
0yg EvilminedLegendary Stikkemup :
Posted 1118 days ago
Wh29p that's what I Ball making moves....FREE MY BIG HOMIE
0yg EvilminedLegendary Stikkemup :
Posted 1118 days ago
Wh29p that's what I Ball making moves....FREE MY BIG HOMIE
Evilminded Shok :
Posted 1305 days ago
Hey big homie I support your movement duse nine till I flat line neighborhood rollin twentie bloods
Krazy R :
Posted 1410 days ago
Much Love Loko for all your accomplishments. The last time we patrolled the Neighborhood around the same time was '93, and i still remember running into u in a G ride on Dalton. Twenty minutes fa life.
Dorian :
Posted 1643 days ago
I'm baffled as to the caoulls attitude toward these kids. Two big problems: 1. This sort of caffienated alcoholic drinks is popular among young adults to use as mixers so that they can stay up all night and party. 2. Most of the people I know don't check the ABV (alcohol by volume) listing on their beverages, and chances are, these students haven't been taught to do that. Were this beverage to be sold in a liquor store, in bottles, I might be less inclined to be sympathetic, but with so many similar products on the market, it's easy for young adults to get confused and think they're all alike. (Unless their tagline was Gets you dead faster', in which case, I guess the kids were warned.) http://nhnfhrrqevz.com [url=http://dbdpddfa.com]dbdpddfa[/url] [link=http://iqnqsfnkv.com]iqnqsfnkv[/link]
Murad :
Posted 1644 days ago
Nice to become bnsiowrg your blog again, it continues to be months for me. Well this write-up that i've been waited for so long. I want this write-up to complete my assignment in the university, and it has exact same topic together with your article. Thanks, good share.
Erika :
Posted 2059 days ago
Hey Loko great job!!! Not a member of the gang but from da "Neighborhood"he was nd still is a real one ! Love u Loko yur homegirl 15th nd Gramercy!!
katalina :
Posted 2222 days ago
would like to meet him in person, if somebody could tell me where OG Santa Klaus is burried, i would love to visit his grave and show love,
The OGs dramas and tragedys have touched many around the world, I admire them for being hardcore and never givin in this mindset has helped me to go on in life, now rest in paradise, only God can judge yu and nobody else dont worry theres a heaven 4 a G, and FUCK dumb people likke Keith, yur stupid comment tells volumes of how poor your soul is .. .. .
Keith :
Posted 3496 days ago
Hey Terrell Wright, your nothing but a low life piece of shit. Die in prison asshole.
And to Deaneal Mcknight please go do a crime so you and you piece of shit relative can do life with out parole.
You gangbanging scum should be treated like terrorist and locked away forever, or hung by your necks until they break.
Deaneal Mcknight :
Posted 3528 days ago
Terrell is my cousin, just as he I am a member of the Rollen Twenties. I am his younger cousin. There were only 3 members of our family from the hood I made the third. The second is Deshone Hervey Mr. De. Bopp I was named after him. He is currently serving a 17 to life bidd in tehatchipi state prison in California. I lost a brother to this thug life style including both my cousins whom both fell victim to the criminal justice system. I'm extremly proud of you RELL! You know who this be Deaneal Mcknight AKA LIL. DE.BOPP KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK RELATIVE!
Book Matters :
Posted 3813 days ago
Here we go again with the prison success stories!!!!



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