Top 10 Books in Review (2009)

by The Urban Book Source
December 2009

Ana's Magic by Aida McKenzie1. Black Beans N Rice

Spooney was old enough to be her father but he didn‘t care. It made him feel like he still had it and that made him feel good. It‘s not all about how you do what you do because Binx was young and didn‘t know any better. She had fallen head over heels for him because he was different. As Binx applied the finishing touches to her face, her mother walked in and stood next to her, a questioning look in her eyes. She glared from the mirror and said something Binx would never read full review


manjani2. Manjani

Freedom Speaks Diaspora’s new book, Manjani, has to be the best urban novel I’ve read in the last 3 years. It’s fresh, intelligent, raw, honest, intelligent, and deeply critical - certainly not the normal rubbish a book reviewer gets bombarded with on a regular basis. Manjani is a literary powerhouse, everybody’s protest novel, and a classic tribute to what Columbia University Professor Ann Douglass calls “the oldest American story of all, the [girl] sets out on life, on read full review


Ana's Magic by Aida McKenzie3. Stand The Storm

Stand the Storm—another exceptional novel from the pen of Breena Clarke, the bestselling author of River, Cross My Heart, an October 1999 Oprah Book Club Selection—has arrived. A riveting tale about enslavement, struggle, sacrifice, and the Coats, a family that manages to buy their freedom, true freedom. Sewing Annie Coats, the lead character, comes to the realization that slaves with special skills are the last to be sold. So, as the most skilled sewer in her neck of read full review


hell razor honeys4. Hell Razor Honeys

Hell Razor Honeys is so stylishly written that I had to put my morals and convictions on the back burner to enjoy this fast-paced gangsta thriller of money, madness, and mayhem. Vida, Tia, No Draws, Tec, and Ice are the children of a lesser God. Their tough-life-growing-up-in-the-hood style story is typical of what we all now know of urban living. The Hell Razor Honeys carry razors, sell dope, get money, flaunt Prada, and push Benzes. Along with their irascible side-kick read full review


a dead rose5. A Dead Rose

A Dead Rose by Rhonda M. Lawson seems to be the writer’s attempt to add to a growing genre of African-American literature with a message; however, the message almost gets lost in a heavy-handed, first-person narrative which the author disclaims in the Acknowledgments as not being autobiographical; however, the message may have come across more clearly and genuine had the novel been autobiographical in nature. The protagonist begins Chapter 1 by over-explaining read full review


You, Me and He by Brooke Green6. You, Me and He

In You, Me and He author Brooke Green delves into the strains of maintaining a healthy relationship. All relationships require hard work but how much harder is it when one of its members is bi-sexual? Keith Reed in no way considers himself to be bi-sexual however his old college roommate Jarrod would say otherwise. Especially since Jarrod’s attempt at turning Keith out was almost successful. Now it’s two years later and after a chance encounter Jarrod refuses to let Keith slip read full review


Ana's Magic by Aida McKenzie7. Where Secrets Lie

In her debut novel, Where Secrets Lie, author Mahogany Star pens the story of Giselle and her 3 childhood friends Shelby, Monique and Simone. By junior high school the girls had formed a tight bond with alternating sleepovers at each other’s houses every weekend. The girls are not only pretty but they also manage to be the flyest girls in the neighborhood. Initially the foursome was just content with upstaging their peers but a tragedy forces them to re-evaluate read full review


The Bishop's Daughter by Tiffany L. Warren8. The Bishop's Daughter

Tiffany L. Warren has written an interesting and refreshing novel entitled The Bishop’s Daughter. Darrin Brainbridge, a freelance blogger decides to travel from Cleveland to Atlanta in pursuit of his first big story, an expose on Bishop Kumal Prentiss. Upon arriving in Atlanta, Darrin initially thinks his journalistic instinct of scandal brewing in the congregation was wrong. However, he quickly learns his instincts were completely on point. We come into Darrin’s life when he is a true read full review


a little bit of sin9. A Little Bit of Sin

Sinatra Graham aka Sin was completely content in her marriage until she discovered some lipstick that wasn’t her shade on her husband Tyrell’s underwear. Completely thrown through a loop by Tyrell’s indiscretion Sin decides to play tit for tat and partake in a little indiscretion of her own. Sin thinks she found the perfect playmate when her thuggish ex-boyfriend Nino opens a car wash directly across the street from her beauty salon, She’s Gotta Have It read full review


Erotic City by Pynk10. Erotic City

Milan Kennedy is the proprietor of Atlanta’s steamy Erotic City. A trendy swinger club that she runs with help of her boyfriend, former heavy weight champion Lavender Lewis. Running the club is no easy fete but by offering her patrons the chance to live out all of their kinky fantasies Milan has managed to do very well for herself. But when a patron accuses a popular rapper of forcible rape in one of Erotic City’s VIP rooms Milan’s club comes under intense scrutiny. Making the situation much read full review


This list is comprised of books reviewed by The Urban Book Source in 2009; books are listed in no particular order.
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Sharky :
Posted 2491 days ago
You're the greatset! JMHO
Ninoe :
Posted 3208 days ago
@Irate, this was based off books that were reviewed only! Second, have you read any of the books listed above? Black Beans N Rice, Manjani and Stand The Storm were some of the best books I read in a long time. I would love to hear you best books. And at the end of the day, its all opinion anyway. Don't catch a heart attack.
Bashira :
Posted 3210 days ago
Just want to say that I went out and brought Stand The Storm and and The Bishop's Daughter. Sand The Storm was a great story and great read overall. I'm reading The Bishop's Daughter now and this is also a great read. I highly recommend this two books in 2010. Anyone thinking otherwise should read these books before they speak!
Bashira :
Posted 3212 days ago
Black Beans N Rice was a great book. Dena Tyson is on the come up, check out her books, please.
Marvel :
Posted 3213 days ago
Just saw this. Manjani is one of the best books I read this entire year. Much success to Freedom Speaks Diaspora. And a happy new year to all!
irate :
Posted 3213 days ago
this is a shame> UBS has no credibility posting this non sense> these are the top 10 books?



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