Vixen Icon: Buffie The Body

Interview by Chris Howard
May 2009

Are video vixens now turning to writing to prolong a career that has no longevity?
Being a Video Vixen is not a career and it's doesn't have any longevity. In my eyes it's simply a stepping stone to do other things to build a more promising and secure future. I never came into this industry with a one track mind thinking that this will be a future. I came in with a mind set of knowing that this could be the building block for other endeavors. Everyone should have or make plans to prolong their career in some form or fashion. No matter what field you are in it's always smart to continue to build and transcend. There should never be a limit on exploring other avenues and being multidimensional especially if your career depends on your physical appearance like most models. Your looks and body won't last forever and for some reason most urban models don't plan for this. Look at Tyra Banks, Claudia Schiffer and Heidi Klum, even though I'm not any where near their level but I never let that deter me from my goals, hard work and ambitions to be more in life. These supermodels are leaving their bodies behind and using what they've accomplished in their past years to write books, start makeup lines, workout DVD, perfume, clothing lines, etc. They were smart and they realized at an early point in their careers that their bodies got them to where they are but they couldn't live off that forever.

What do you think has caused the wedge between dark skinned and light skinned women?
The wedge between light and dark complexion reaches further than you and I. The cause slates back to slavery and unfortunately it's still very much alive in our society today. I'm sure it has probably affected me in one instance or another but I can't recall when. I get emails from many medium to dark skin ladies praising me for helping them to feel better about living with their skin tones.
vixen icon
Do you ever think about the fact that people are enamored by you simply because you have a big behind? How do you truly feel about that?
I love my ass and I always will. I'm sure I speak for most women when I say everyone wants a nice, shapely ass. Do research on buttock enhancements and surgeries and you'll get everything from what exercises to do to the best doctors for butt surgery to which pair of panties or jeans that will give you the bigger butt you crave. Butt augmentations is in high demand from women young and old to women of all race and background. My ass definitely didn't come easy. In the beginning of my career I wanted people to believe that I was born with a nice ass but in all reality I wasn't. I used to be ashamed to say that I had to start eating like hell and do butt exercises because I wanted a bigger ass so bad. I was skinny and my butt wasn't big at all. I have females fans just like I have men fans. I get emails every single day from women asking me for advice on getting a bigger backside. If I can do it without surgery than I feel like anyone can. Women are risking their health and lives these days to have a bigger butt. They are electing to go under the knife or needle in some instances not knowing and not caring what the side effects are. I personally know females that are getting butt injections from individuals that are not even doctors. I don't think I would have went as far as some of these females to get a bigger butt but I do understand how they feel because I went though depression being skinny and having no body or ass. I was teased in school because I wasn't developed like the other girls and that was the worst feeling in the world. So with this being said, it doesn't bother me for men to worship my ass and women to ask me for advice about my ass. I would rather have an ass people love instead of an ass people can't stand to look at.

Why do you think the industry promote lighter-skinned women over darker-skinned ones? How do you feel about this?
I'm dark skinned and being dark skinned was an advantage for me because of the fact that their wasn't any dark skinned woman in the video modeling industry in 2005. People were so use to seeing light skinned girls in the music videos and media. So when I came into the industry I feel like the industry was ready for a change. I was dark skinned, cute and had an ass people wasn't use to seeing in the mainstream videos and magazines. So during my run as a video/magazine model I was heavily promoted. I'm consider an Icon when it comes to urban modeling. My name will always be at the top of the list when people mention popular video girls and I've only done 3 videos in my life. So the fact of me being dark skinned has probably helped me.

Why did you write your book?
I wrote this book to tell my life because I feel like my life was interesting. I want readers to know that no matter how your life was growing up you can always turn it into something positive and rewarding. It's never to late to have success in life. I went from dancing in a night club to being on the cover of magazines, movies and television. I went from not having a set plan in life to owning a house, nice cars, a retirement fund, an investment portfolio, perfect credit and knowledge to continue growing.

Other video vixens have written books about their sexual encounters with prominent people in the industry, are there any stories in your book?

I'm not a virgin so if I'm writing a book about my life then of course my sex encounters will be included.

What message are you trying to relay to the women of the video world?
I never set out to try and send a message to women of the video world. I just try and concentrate on having a happy and productive life. If video girls can get a positive message from my actions then that's wonderful.

What is next for you to accomplish in your career?
My line of workout DVDs, a sports bar in Atlanta, my own brand of bottled water and any other business ventures that may spark my attention.

If Buffie didn't have the "body" what do you think your life would be like?
I love to bake so I've always wanted to be a professional pastry chef so that's what I would probably be doing or maybe a chain of daycare centers.

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