chuanda masonFormer BET Reality TV Star
Shares Relationship Disasters

by Taylor Nix
December 2009

"Hell Date" reality television star, Chuanda Mason chronicles her toxic experiences in a personal dairy styled tale, Love Made Me Crazy, beginning with the physical and verbal abuse she endured. The chapters document her life from the age of 16 through her 20’s and beyond. “Have you ever loved someone so much that you found yourself not thinking with your brain but constantly letting your heart make decisions that you would not ordinarily think twice about? Of course you have. On so many occasions I said to myself enough is enough but I still stayed because my heart would not let me walk away,” Mason writes.

Mason is on a new mission, the actress, model and now author has been featured in popular magazines such as: King, XXL, Show and Maxim. She is also a fitness expert, with a column in Spate magazine and she has appeared in "American Gladiators," the televised competition that matches a cast of amateur athletes against each other.

Mason was born into a military family in Seoul, South Korea. This proud parent of a 7-year-old is finally finding peace and happiness in her life. Checkout our exclusive interview:

How did you get involved with BET’s Hell Date and American Gladiator? How was the experience?
Shorty after I moved to LA from MD I was actively pursuing my acting career and going to auditions daily. With Hell Date, I went to an audition and I remember while I was waiting in line, I said to myself that I was not going to do it because it was a dating show. About 2 weeks after I auditioned I received a call back for the show. I wasn’t excited because I really didn’t want to go. My thoughts were "I did not move to LA to become a reality star, and of all things on a dating show.” On the day of the call back, I was in bed debating about getting up and going, and after a long and hard debate I went to the call back. I was so excited after they sat the whole cast in a room and showed us the pilot for the show. I was crying it was so funny.

For American Gladiator, I had always loved that show when I was younger. My son and I were watching the show and I was just saying wow I would love to be on that show. The next day I seen a casting for it, submitted my headshot, then the next day went to a callback audition, then from there was selected from 220,000 nationwide to be on the show. That was the best experience of my life.

When and why did you decide to write a book so personal and share it with the world?
Craziest thing. When I first moved here I had worked on the pilot show for Suge Knight and in between shooting the cast members would all sit around and just talk and tell different stories about ourselves. I started telling all these crazy stories about my life and one of the cast members was like you should write a book. I was love made me crazylike no way, my life is not that interesting. After Hell Date and American Gladiator it just came to be that I should write about a book about my own personal relationships because so many of my girlfriends had the same stories and I just thought that a lot of people could relate.

Why did love make you crazy?
The problem is that I am a Gemini and I love hard, when I love hard I give everything that I have for a person and sometimes I do just too much. Love had me insecure about myself, it changed who I was as a woman, I stayed and endured emotional and physical abuse and the craziest things. I spent $35,000.00 cash on this guy after dating him only 5 months, if that didn’t prove I was crazy then I don't know what else will.

What can a reader find inside of your book? Is it a fictional tale based on your real life experiences or a complete memoir?
This book is a personal diary of who and how I loved in my past relationships. True stories. No names were mentioned in the book because this book is not about them, the story is about what I went thru for love. I was crazy in love with these guys. In the book chapter after chapter I tell my story and the crazy events that occurred while I was in the relationship. From beginning to End. After each story I tell my lessons learned and give some advice to anyone who may be in that type of relationship.

What is some relationship/dating advice you would give someone or a couple?
Well first off I want to say love is a beautiful thing if the two parties have good intentions with each other. I also say that it is only fair to the other person that you be straight up on what you want in the relationship, that way it can be clear and a wonderful relationship for both. Communication is the most important thing. I learned a lot from the men that were in this book. Then I was young, naive, maybe even a little insecure. Respect has to be the big mover in a relationship, for yourself and for your partner.

Of all your professions (acting, modeling, writing) which do you enjoy the most?
Well I love them all because GOD has blessed me the ability to do all three. But my favorite would probably be writing. I am a very expressive person, not so much when I speak but in writing. I have so much that goes thru my head and writing let's me say something, look back, think, and really make sure that my point or thought gets across the way that I want. I remember in high school my girlfriends and I always used to write little notes to each other. I would always write long one's even to my high school boyfriends I would always send letters or not to express my true feelings.

Are you totally done with your past relationships? How did you finally get out them?
Yes, I finally moved on and just recently changed my phone number to start fresh with my new relationship. Not saying there was an issue with them having my number but I realized that they don't deserve to call me with nonsense. I always say that what goes around comes around. My past relationships were so long ago that relocating ended the relationships entirely.

What do you do in your spare time?
Lately I have had no spare time because I have been dedicating the past 2 years on completing the book. I also help my boyfriend with his company. But I love to laugh and relax in my spare time. Spend time with my close friends. I like to read magazines about fashion and food.

For additional information visit Chuanda on Facebook and Myspace

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