teri woodsTeri Woods Files Billion Dollar Lawsuit

by Taylor Nix
October 2009

The bestselling, pioneer author and publisher, Teri Woods, has filed a $1 billion class-action lawsuit against the popular New York City nightclub, Greenhouse, after her and 175 invited guests were turned away, when they tried to enter the star studded release celebration for her new book Alibi. Most of the guests who were turned away, were black. According to Woods, her white guests were allowed to enter.

"They should have just put up a sign that said, 'No Coloreds Allowed,'" said Kashan Robinson, a plaintiff and sister of rapper Queen Pen. "When I asked the doorman what was the problem, he just looked past us like we didn't exist."

Barry Mullineaux, owner of Greenhouse, said that Woods allegations are, “all pretty much bogus.”

Woods ended her night—which should have been a huge celebration of her new book—in tears after she found out that her entire guestlist of black people were being barred from entering the club.

Text messages showing Mullineaux was turning people away based on looks, read: “I couldn’t let in 300lb girls … Everybody looking at me like this ur people Barry???”

"I was clearly violated that night, and so were so many other people … all I know is it had something to do with 'your people' and 'fat,' Woods said. "They left all of my friends and family standing outside, I had really serious people out there: lawyers, doctors and people in the entertainment industry.”

Nightclubs have been known to deny people based on dress code but not based on skin color. Federal authorities have taken down clubs located in Wisconsin and Virginia that tried to keep people of color from entering.

alibi teri woodsTeri Woods new book, Alibi, is set in Philadelphia in 1986, this blistering first in a new urban noir series from bestseller Woods (True to the Game) introduces 22-year-old Daisy Fothergill, a naïve African-American stripper. Daisy accepts $2,000 from an organized crime rep to provide an alibi for Bernard Nard Guess after he shoots two thieves to death as well as a buddy by accident in a North Philly drug house.

An innocent witness to the bloodbath identifies Nard to the police, but pays a fatal price. When Daisy arrives home to tell her mother, Abigail, of her windfall and finds Abigail dead of natural causes, she discovers the $2,000 barely covers funeral costs. Her life takes an even nastier turn once Daisy starts dating Reggie Carter, a fast-talker who soon deserts her. Later, a pregnant Daisy flees to Murfreesboro, Tenn., to seek refuge with her aunt, but eventually she must return to Philly for a day of reckoning.

Visit, Teri Woods Publishing at: www.teriwoodspublishing.com

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Myles :
Posted 3163 days ago
Teri and this whole lawsuit is bogus. What goes around comes around. She is getting her just rewards. Her new book that someone else wrote I'm sure sucks and she needs the limelight. Each author whose books she put her name on needs to sue her for a billion each. Does anyone know who wrote Alibi for her?
Where is it now? :
Posted 3163 days ago
WOW! @ The New Black Panther Party
The New Black Panther Party :
Posted 3163 days ago
Who ever this lawyer Dummy Woods retained must work out of a cubicle. Greenhouse will get a summary judgement. Dummy Woods needs a reality show, what the fuck is this ballon boy part 2. Now if this Dummy had just took her side show say ....... BBQ's, them 300lbs friends she got would have had a ball and so would Dummy Woods. But Dummy has it in her head that the MAN loves her. Oww Chile. The white men luv me momma. Did Dummy Woods forget she writes URBAN fiction. Why didn't GRAND CENTRAL PUBLISHING, HER SLAVE MASTERS GET INVLOVED IN THIS LAWSUIT? Take a wild guess.This shit is crazy. Lets be real. Greenhouse did not care about so-called success nor venue payment , nor cash bar. This is NYC, what the fuck did Dummy Woods expect form a WHITE venue.
DID GRAND CENTRAL PUBLISHING put this idiot out there to line ther pockets in hopes of sales? Better ya ass. But they shall see that Dummy woods new book is trash as of 96.3% of the urban books are and drop her as fast as you can say Relentless Aaron. My hopes are that Greenhouse counter sues, cause I just know this Dummy sitting aroung the fireplace with her dumb ass kids in the back room on the phone like she about to hit the lotto. But what Dummy Woods fail to realize is.... It'll never happen. File for chapter 7& 11 ya broke bitch....
nicole :
Posted 3163 days ago
A billion dollars...LMAO Please!Why would she even go there if the Greenhouse is "supposedly" like that? This sounds like a publicity stunt and she trying to get paid.This is nothing more than payback for all the wrong Teri's ass did to these writers out here.What goes around comes around,Teri.I dont feel sorry for her at all.
Toby Woods :
Posted 3163 days ago
When I read the article, I did not feel TW. Why? Simple. TW wants to be WHITE A WHITE WOMEN. She WANTS TO BE ACCEPTED BY MASSA. VARICK STREET? GREENHOUSE? Terry Woods think she has made it to the mountian top people, but that's cleary not the case. Again GREENHOUSE? Didn't the streets MAKE TW? This case will get her nothing...this ALBI BULLSHIT will make the ESSENCE, that's about it. Another thing TW is UGLY, look at her face,it looks nasty. Back to her crying, # 1 Who told you to hold that party downtown? It had to be somebody white. #2 Why arent you in jail. #3, you desreve everything thats coming your way. #4 A billion dollars? BITCH PLEASE.
Is She Serious? :
Posted 3164 days ago
Maybe with the money from the suit she can finally pay the writers of the books. That's wishful thinking though I'm sure.
Where is it now? :
Posted 3164 days ago
With all her authors suing her ass, she need to sue somebody to recoup! Write your own books or give people their money and you'll be okay! Until then, you'll NEVER be happy!
Where is it now? :
Posted 3164 days ago
All that "black power" talk and you go to Greenhouse for your book signing celebration? You suppose to be a revolutionary and you surprised? Now you wanna sue for $1 Billion? This is comical. And you also need media training 101. Lets get real people.
jap :
Posted 3164 days ago
This is the second time this week were a black author has had issues with a club they had scheduled release parties at. Maybe they should just find another venue and not use these clubs anymore.
Vesta :
Posted 3164 days ago
Great publicity stunt tho (despite whatever happened at the club) . Kudos to Teri. Just can't believe ANYTHING comes from that woman's mouth.
itsapartalife :
Posted 3165 days ago
Man, this doesn't surprise me one bit. Discrimination is woven into club culture and nighlife venues. Maybe next time instead of patronizing a non-minority owned and operated club, she will take her business to a venue that will appreciate us. Almost every other ethnic group is accustomed to keeping their money within it's group. We should take a page from their book until they let us in for real.
Amused :
Posted 3165 days ago
That's crazy that a club in the most diverse city would show blatant discrimination like that. Wow, I hope it gets settled...a billion dollars though smh.



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