The Millionaire Mistress by Tipihani MontgomeryThe Millionaire Mistress
by Tipihani Montgomery
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Reviewed by: Kisha Green
December 2008

The Millionaire Mistress starts off about a young girl named Oshyn who is has bigger dreams than her current situation, which does not include Trent, the sexy older guy who has been trying to date her for some time. When she finally gives in and goes out with him the two become inseparable for a time, until it appears Trent has an insatiable sexual appetite and seeks comfort in everyone except Oshyn. Ultimately leaving her and their unborn child out in the cold. The story fast forwards a few years and picks up with Oshyn, now a single mom raising her son Micah and making a name for herself in North Carolina, after leaving everything behind to start a new life. If that wasn’t enough drama for you in the beginning, enter Oshyn’s gold-digging, don’t-give-a-damn, crazy cousin Chloe. Chloe is only interested in men with deep pockets and for her she lives true to the motto of “If don’t make dollars then it don’t make sense.”

This book was definitely filled with sex and down right excitement from the bloody catfights to the jealousy that was the pure driving force behind Chloe’s hatred for Oshyn. The author definitely kept you engrossed in the storyline because there was always some sort of chaos going on that was usually linked to Chloe. Chloe is truly an unhappy female and blames her cousin for all of her misfortune because of a painful family secret that can ultimately destroy everything.

Trying to be focused on her current life Oshyn doesn’t have time for romance until Brooklyn Jones, a handsome stranger who is indeed too good to be true, takes interest in her. For a short minute you would think she was on her way to a happily-ever-after life, but Chloe quickly takes this away as she does the unthinkable.

Overall, I enjoyed the book. I was able to complete this book in a few hours and it held my attention. If you are looking for a quick read filled with mayhem, then A Millionaire Mistress is truly the book for you.

What did you like best about this book?
I liked that despite Oshyn’s troubles she still sought a better life for herself and son and was determined to make it no matter what.

What did you dislike about this book?
The fights were not realistic. It just seemed too good to be true that Oshyn could also be equipped with a box cutter slashing anyone who tried to talk to her man while always coming home unscathed, and only bruising be her heart. I also felt that Oshyn probably should have cut her ties with Chloe but she was trying to be loyal to the fact she was actually a relative only to find out she was much more than that.

How can the author improve this book?
I think the author could have given more family background on Oshyn and Chloe, more so in the beginning instead of in the middle because you wondered why Chloe truly disliked her cousin. Other than that I didn’t really see any major improvements to be made.

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Mireille :
Posted 2104 days ago
I loved the books, however I did not like the ending. Chole gets to live and Oshyn dies really? Even though Chole has HIV; I do believe u have another book to this; this ended to wide open, it should be called Millionaire Mistress the final meeting, or something to that effect.
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Betty :
Posted 2247 days ago
glad to see you are back I read your page everyday and I meissd being able to do so! I hope you have a great time in DC .travel safe! and have fun with your new jobs I know it is work but sometimes it just doesn't feel like it, does it? All the best, Kelly
Abby :
Posted 2367 days ago
Should bring out a Movie for it!!! LOVE IT
disha :
Posted 2688 days ago
this book was so freakn raw omg i never read anything like it. honestly i couldnt stop reading and it jus made me wonna know if there was more parts to the book.
latishea mclean :
Posted 3326 days ago
hello tipihani u probably dnt remember from da all white party in Raleigh but i need 2 explain. u had a signing 2 da last white and my friend brought the book from u and i let a so called friend of mine read it and now she cant find the book.. i have been trying 2 get his book back can u please email so i can get him another book and hopefully signed again.. this has caused a lot of term oil in me and his relationship.. i no it was my fault n i acted rel immature about not trying hard enough 2 get the book back.. we all stay in different.. Enclosing your books r amazing and hope that chloe finally grows up and leaves oshyn that heck alone...



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