It's On and Poppin  by Alastair J. Hatter

It's On and Poppin

by Alastair J. Hatter
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Reviewed by: Kisha Green
January 2010

It's On and Poppin is the debut novel by author, Alastair J. Hatter. Hatter tells a tale of sex, drugs and murder taking place in the streets of Memphis. The story revolves around siblings Jay, Bee and Dee Dee Davis. The brothers are notorious around town for having it on and popping. This makes dating and having a regular life truly hard for Dee Dee, since no one wants to come near her without having to deal with Jay and Bee.

One night at a Memphis hotel changes the trio's lives forever and just like a jigsaw puzzle, all the pieces begin to fit. The Davis kids are making good money due to a new connect and things begin to look really promising but as soon as things are going well, they turn sour.

Jay and Bee get locked up and now Dee Dee is left to pick up the pieces and continue to keep the "family" business booming. She handles her own in the streets and people begin to take notice and pay attention. So well in fact, that she makes new associations with an all female clique known for robbing, killing and not giving a damn. This is just what she needs to continue her reign in the Memphis streets as the baddest chick.

Things are going well for awhile. In the meantime, the cops are trying to figure out who killed a man and left him for dead in a hotel. This tidbit of information is slipped to the wrong person. He like others have been watching, plotting and planning her downfall. As she continues to keep the business afloat, she meets hustler, Alastair who wants to get to know her better. After playing hard to get for so long, Dee Dee finally decides to give Al a chance. Before you know it, she is falling for him but the revelation of a crime has her scared and having nightmares destroys their shot at happiness.

In this street literature novel, all parties involved see that the street game has no loyalty and everyone is praying for the Davis downfall including family. It's On and Poppin was an okay read with some predictable storylines but otherwise readers of street fiction will enjoy it.

What do you like about the book?
The author was able to convey a tale that took place in Memphis but this story could take place in any hood where the drug game is the job of choice.

What do you dislike about the book?
In some areas of the book, it had too much character development and detail. In my opinion, that was the reason for the novel lacking until I was midway through it.

What could the author do to improve the book?
Besides the above mentioned, nothing else really.

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