nude awakening

Nude Awakening

by Victor L. Martin
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Reviewed by: Delonya Conyers
February 2011

While serving fifteen years in prison Trev Harrison focuses on a way to earn a living that won’t lead him back behind bars.  Knowing that being black and an ex-felon will seriously jeopardize his job search Trev decides to seek out a more unconventional type of employment.  Taking a gamble he writes a letter to an adult film company expressing his desire to enter the porn industry.  To his surprise upon his release from prison he’s granted an interview with Janelle Babin the owner of Amatory Erotic Films.

Amatory Erotic Films is a multi-million dollar grossing company that Janelle started all on her own utilizing her business savvy.  Janelle knows that the marketing of the first copulation from a man that’s been locked up for fifteen years can garner her company additional millions.  However she needs to interview Trev first to discern if he’s more than just an ex-com looking to get laid.  Because it’s going to take more than just the sexy face and hard body that the enclosed picture from Trev’s letter revealed to convince Janelle that he has what it takes to make it in the porn industry.  The interview leads to Trev receiving a contract with Amatory that includes a five figured advancement. 

Being the smart business woman that she is Janelle has full intentions of protecting her new investment, Trev.  Filming for his movie is set to begin in two weeks and Janelle wants to make sure that one he doesn’t do anything that would lead him back to jail and two that he remains celibate.  In order to facilitate both Janelle coerces another one of her adult film stars, Ayelet; to not only mentor Trev but to allow him to become her roommate.  The living situation is a disaster waiting to happen how can a horny man ignore the temptation a porn star roommate? Added to the sexual tension is Ayelet’s milf mother, Michelle who’s lusting after Trev as well.  Rounding out the cast of characters is a sub-plot centering on Swagga Ayelet’s spurned ex and Adonica the porn star who betrayed Ayelet and caused Swagga his ex status. 

With Nude Awakening author Victor Martin created an intriguing premise that was hampered by some very unbelievable scenarios.  The most damaging one being that a smart business woman such as Janelle would think that Trev could remain celibate for two weeks while cohabitating with a female porn star. Another drawback of the novel was the excessive sex scenes.  Granted a novel about the porn industry is bound to have an abundance of sex but none of these scenes took place in front of the camera.  All of the trysts revolved around Trev and how irresistible women found him so much so that panties were usually thrown at him within minutes of meeting him or anytime a woman found herself alone with him. 

What did you like about the book?
The plot was original and set the premise for a potentially intriguing read. 

What did you dislike about the book?
The sex overkill; although the premise allowed for sex almost all of it was unprotected and surprisingly off camera. 

What could the author do to improve the book?
With less focus placed on salacious sex on almost every other page and more focused placed on adding more fact to make his fiction more believable. 

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