Pious by Kenn Bivins


by Kenn Bivins
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Reviewed by: Delonya Conyers
March 2011

In Pious author Kenn Bivins introduces readers to Carpious Mightson a man whose troubled youth led him to a twenty year imprisonment. At the onset of the novel Carpious has served his time and now has embedded himself into the tight knit community of Mechi Lane. Mechi Lane is a suburban oasis filled with proud home owners and hard working families.  This is exactly what Carpious was able to transform himself into after his incarceration and he sees no reason for any of his neighbors to know about his troubled past.   Carpious has successfully managed to carve out his share of the American dream all that’s missing is a family.  But even that might be in the near future as he’s dating a nurse named Sydney who has a young son, Solomon, which he adores. 

Carpious is a genuine man and his standing in his neighborhood as a person who you can call on is no façade.  This is exactly why his neighbors come to him for assistance when a registered sex offender, Ian, moves into the neighborhood.  Unbeknownst to all parties involved is the fact that Carpious had been jailed with Ian and his presence may be an even bigger threat to Carpious’ secret past than the threat to the children as the neighbors fear.  Ian claims that he’s reformed and he just wants the chance to become the exact same productive member of society that Carpious has become.  Carpious is forced to come face to face with the same prejudice that he was attempting to avoid for himself as he tries to convince Ian to take up residency somewhere else.

Is a convicted murderer any less a threat to a community than a convicted sex offender?  Carpious believes so but he fears that his neighbors might not share his opinion.  Another threat to Carpious’ newfound social status comes in the form of his bitter ex-wife Althea who can’t deal with the fact that Carpious divorced her after being released from prison.  Althea has plans on extorting Carpious or she’ll reveal just what type of man he is to his neighbors and his new girlfriend.  But the biggest threat to Carpious’ peaceful existence comes when one of the neighbors is murdered, forcing Carpious fears of being exposed to new heights.

With Pious author Kenn Bivins does an excellent job exploring the prejudices ex-cons face while trying to re-enter society.  The plot is catapulted along while Mr. Bivins examines just how far one man will go to hold on to the good standing that he has worked hard to obtain.  Making Pious an entertaining read that poses questions to which there are no easy answers. 

What did you like about the book?
Mr. Bivins’ writing is very descriptive so much so that he was able to make the neighborhood of Mechi Lane come to life.  Helping readers to understand why Carpious is so desperate to hold on to the life that he’s built for himself there.

What did you dislike about the book?
The cover of the book is an attempt to utilize symbolism with its illustration of bloody hands releasing a dove.  Its meaning is clear once the book has been read however if doesn’t provide the packaging that would encourage a reader to purchase it. 

What could the author do to improve the book?
Although the book’s subject matter was complicated the book cover shouldn’t be.  A different book cover would help the novel garner the readers that it’s so deserving of. 

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Jaqueline :
Posted 496 days ago
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AnTon :
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Sugar :
Posted 1601 days ago
Nothing I could say would give you undue ceirdt for this story.
Kim Robinson :
Posted 2227 days ago
Great Review, Delonya I defintely concur with you on the book cover. I read back in December 2011 and I never would have purchase base on cover , someone recommeded and its defintely a thought provoking read. Kenn Bivins is defintely a writer.

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