Book Review Guidelines and Policies

Thank you for expressing an interest for The Urban Book Source to consider reviewing your book. We take pride in providing quality reviews with honesty and integrity. We do not charge for reviews. All books must be written in English and all reviews are exclusive.

Important Terms and Disclaimer:
By sending us your book(s), you agree and understand your book is subject to undergo intense scrutiny from our reviewers. You should be prepared to accept accolades, constructive criticism and various opinions. All books reviewed will not receive a favorable review. Furthermore, it should be clear that the information and views expressed in published reviews are solely those of the reviewer and is not representative of The Urban Book Source. The reviewer takes full responsibility for the information presented. The Urban Book Source will not be held liable for the content of book reviews.

Our reviewers are well read volunteers with a passion for literature who range from professional writers, journalists, editors, bloggers, professors, authors and voracious readers, who are located across the United States. They put effort and labor into each written review. Reviewing books is a time-consuming, tedious and demanding task. Book reviews will contain approximately 400-500 words and will not be removed or rewritten for any reason. We respect and stand by each and every one of our reviewers; any request to remove a review will not be honored. Reviewers are under no obligation to respond to feedback from an author, publisher or anyone else regarding a published review.

Every effort will be made to accommodate requests for book reviews. However, due to the volume of requests, we cannot guarantee that every book will receive a review. In the rare instance that a book is rejected for a review, the author or publisher will be contacted and/or those books will be returned. Please strictly adhere to the submission guidelines in order to prevent rejection of your book for review.

All unsolicited books sent by mail will be destroyed.

Dual Reviews:
In some instance books will receive a dual review. This will provide two perspectives of the same book from different reviewers. We cannot guarantee all books dual reviews.

Acceptance of Categories and Genres:
We are seeking a diverse spectrum of books to be reviewed. Categories, genres and subject matter will be determined at the sole discretion of The Urban Book Source. Submit your book for consideration following the established guidelines.

Our Review Rating System:
The expectation is that all material submitted by authors and publishers will be of the highest quality. Below is our book review rating system, we measure ratings on a “0-5” point scale.

review rating system

There are several outlets who review books and frequently give 4’s and 5’s on a “5 point” rating scale and others that do not publish reviews with anything below the 3 point mark. The Urban Book Source will provide thorough and honest reviews regardless of relationships, status or popularity. Each book will be dissected from an editorial perspective and anything between a 0 and 5 will be utilized based on the merits of the book. This is the only way to effectively make change and raise the bar for books written today. All book reviews will include what the reviewer liked, disliked and how the book could possibly be improved. There will be no bias or favoritism shown to any author or publisher. If there are concerns, please contact us as we welcome feedback.

Advanced Reading Copies and Galleys:
Reviews of advanced reading copies (ARC) and galleys are required to follow the same guidelines mentioned below in “submitting your book for review.” It is recommended that you send ARC’s and galleys at a minimum of 3-4 months prior to your publication date. All ARC’s and galleys should be bound in book form. We will not review ARC’s in the form of manuscripts.

How will I know if my book was received?
Please see our Book Checklist.

How long will it take for my book to be reviewed?
Books are logged and assigned based on the order that they are received. We ask that each of our reviewers read at least 1-2 books per month taking into consideration their respective schedules and time constraints. Once it has been determined that your book will be reviewed, it will then be sent to a reviewer. However, the process could possibly take 4 weeks before your book is assigned for review. As soon as a reviewer becomes available, books are sent to them. However, once a book is shipped to a reviewer we have no control of how long the reviewer takes to read and review your book.

How can I become a book reviewer?
If you’re interested in becoming a reviewer, please see review for us.

Will I be notified when my book is reviewed?
Due to the amount of inquiries and correspondence we receive on a daily basis, we cannot notify every author or publisher when a book review is published. However, feel free to join us on Twitter, Facebook or Myspace. We post the reviews once they are published across all of our social platforms. You can always check our recent reviews frequently or subscribe to our book reviews alerts.

How can I advertise my book?
Please see advertise.

Submitting Your Book for Review:

We DO NOT review books in the follow formats or types:

  • Audio books
  • Electronic ( e-books, PDF )
  • Manuscripts
  • Unbound books
  • Screenplays/Scripts
  • Plays

If you are an author or publisher of numerous titles forward us your company press kit, website address and/or catalogue. Otherwise, please forward us the following information for the book(s) you would like reviewed:

  • Book Cover
  • Synopsis
  • First chapter

Please strictly adhere to the submission guidelines in order to prevent rejection of your book for review. All unsolicited books sent by mail will be destroyed.

Send all information to:

Only if your book has been accepted for review, will you receive the necessary mailing information to submit two (2) copies of your book. You will receive a response within 72 hours.


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